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Walking out life with you

We believe that God has a calling on the lives of the marginalized in Central Oregon. They are loved, valued and worthy to be called Sons and daughters of the God of creation. We are living out this message by meeting people in the streets, camps and community to let them know that we care and are here to help them realize this calling on their lives.

We support individuals by helping them manage mental health crisis's, emotional distress, substance abuse and the results of these realties on their lives. We do this through biblical principles using Peer Support Specialists (PSS) and Certified Recovery Mentors (CRM). We then train eligible clients to become PSS or CRM, and walk with them back into the community to help others. 

Man sitting on the stairs are saddened and frustrated with life._made picture to the conce

You do not need to do it alone 

Our peer mentors can help you to allow God to put back the pieces of your broken live by walking side by side with you. 

Please click the get help today button above to apply for our services 

(541) 203-0283

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